"Its now or never. Stand your ground!"

Our Units

Current Units We have
1st American Armored Platoon

American Armored Company combined with M1A1 and M1A2

2nd American Mechanized Infantry

American Merchanized Infantry Armed with HMMWV, M2A3 Bradley, using M249 and M4a1

3rd Canadian Light Infantry

Canadian Light Infantry armed with Mercedes IFAV, LAV-3, C7, C14, C6 and C8

4th Korean Artillery Battery

Korean Artillery Company combined K9 Thunder and M109A7

Combined Aviation Battalion

Combined Aviation Battalion using HH-60M, UH-60, and CH-47.

About Us

"Its now or never. Stand your ground!"
  • The History of TaskForce Warhammer goes back to around June 2016, Founder ROKA611 aka Hammer and Guntanktype98 aka Azure came together in order to create the team.

    TaskForce Warhammer was created forward Arma 3 mainly, however there are teams operating in Squad, Insurgency and Wargame Red Dragon. TaskForce Warhammer currently has four units, Armored Company, mainly M1A1 and M1A2. American Mechanized Infantry armed with M2A3's. Canadian Mechanized Infantry with LAV-25. South Korean Artillery Battery armed with K9 Thunder, M109A7 Paladin and K-30 Biho. And lastly Combined Aviation Battalion with UH-60, CH-47, and HH-60 Medical helicopters.(GSAB)

    Our main goal is to stabilize the situation at hostile locations and aid the civilians. Our Combined Aviation Battalion is always on standby in order to rescue and help out as many civilians as possible, TaskForce Warhammer prioritize civilian's safety than any other objectives.

    Any foreign nation calls for help to gain independence, we shall lead and lay down the path for them. We will not surrender, nor give up. "Its now or never. Stand your ground!" -Col. Hammer-



Team Leader of TaskForce Warhammer. Aka Hammer
Founder who created the team in 2016, has actual command of the TaskForce, known as ROKA611 on many communities Callsign: Hammer
Co Leader of TaskForce Warhammer. Aka Azure
2nd in command of TaskForce Warhammer